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New Moon in Capricorn: A Scorpio Infusion for New Beginnings

Hi loves,

I hope this post finds you well and that you are at ease with the current energies...

As our celestial dance continues, we find ourselves immersed in the transformative energy of the New Moon in Capricorn, positioned uniquely at 20 degrees—a degree associated with the intensity of Scorpio. This alignment signals not only a fresh lunar cycle but also a profound opportunity for rebirth and new beginnings.

The New Moon on 1/11 is a powerful portal, inviting us to explore the depths of our intentions and set the stage for the manifestation of our desires. Let’s get into the astro of this moon, gain some understanding of the Scorpio influence on Capricorn energy, and discover activities that can help us harness this potent energy for personal growth and manifestation.

In the cosmic realm of astrology, certain dates carry a resonance that goes beyond the ordinary, and the New Moon gracing us on 1/11 is one such moment of synchronicity. The alignment of the moon on this particular date serves as a powerful portal, opening a gateway to transformation and heightened spiritual energy.

The numerology behind 1/11 holds significance, with the number one representing new beginnings, individuality, and leadership. Triple ones amplify this energy, creating a unique and potent vibration that encourages us to set intentions with unwavering clarity.

Now I may be a little bias but I personal think this New Moon is showing out. Not only is the date lit but the planet placements are also partying.

With Mars (5°) and Pluto (29°) rocking Capricorn, while Jupiter (5°) and Uranus (19°) do the moonwalk in Taurus. It’s an Earth sign extravaganza, creating a sturdy stage for a lunar cycle that’s about to drop like the hottest album.

Enter Saturn in Pisces (4°), the dreamy producer of the show. Saturn says, “Why not dream a little while keeping it real in Capricorn?”

In this mash-up, we’re invited to shake off old dance moves, embrace the unknown, and groove into a new rhythm of possibilities.

How do we do that?

Here are some suggestions I will be using during this portal.

1. Candle Magic:

Intentions with candle magic. Let the flame symbolize your desires, creating a fiery connection to the cosmic energy.

2. Abundance Plan Update:

Give your abundance plan a 2024 makeover. Align your goals with your desires

3. Journaling Journey:

Pen down intentions and reflections. Your journal can become a powerful tool, capturing the essence of this transformative moment.

4. Altar TLC:

Tend to your altar with care. It’s the energetic hub, cleaning and feeding it will amplify your connection to the celestial energies at play.

5. Meditative Moments:

Spend quality time meditating. Dive deep into the stillness, allowing the cosmic currents to guide your inner exploration.

6. Action Plan Creation:

Turn intentions into actionable steps. Craft a dance routine for your goals, choreographed by the energy of the New Moon.

7. Ancestral Honoring:

Pay homage to your roots. Connect with ancestors in gratitude.

As the cosmic DJ spins the New Moon in Capricorn tracks, it’s time to put on your dancing shoes. Let intentions groove, dreams disco, and transformations breakdance! For an extra dose of cosmic wisdom, I have include a new moon workbook – your backstage pass to a stellar lunar journey.

I love you. You are doing great! Keep dancing

New Moon Worksheet (f)
Download PDF • 187KB

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